The latest from Devoney Looser on history's strong women, from Jane Austen to roller derby.
April Edition: Nineteenth-Century Janes in Pop Culture and the News
Book Cover Reveal Day for Sister Novelists: Jane and Anna Maria Porter in the Age of Austen!
How do you say, "I'm in Bellagio finishing a biography" in Italian?
Jane Austen on Screens, Mary Shelley Scores a Museum, and Pandemic Arguments Over Packing Paper Clips
Jane Austen & Co., Slavery & Anti-Slavery, TLS, and a little Shoephoria
Welcome to Counterpoise by me, Devoney Looser. Hi, I'm Devoney, Regents Prof. at Arizona State University. I write, read, teach, and shout out about…
Dear Jane-Friends: Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are somehow muddling through, finding strength and hope. I trust that your parents, and all of your…
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